IN RE Cindy Marie BAKER, Surrender Of Law License, Arkansas Bar No. 2000022, Petitioner

11-80Supreme Court of Arkansas.
Opinion Delivered February 9, 2011

Petition for Voluntary Surrender of Law License, Accepted.


On recommendation of the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, we hereby accept the voluntary surrender, in lieu of probable disbarment proceedings, of the license of Cindy Marie Baker of Branson, Missouri, formerly of Berryville, Arkansas, to practice law in the State of Arkansas. Ms. Baker pleaded guilty to felony offenses relating to controlled substances in the Carroll County Circuit Court on December 14, 2010. In her petition to voluntarily surrender her law license, filed with this court on January 24, 2011, Ms. Baker acknowledged the felony convictions and stated that she wished to avoid the expense and distress of disbarment proceedings. The name of Cindy Marie Baker shall be removed from the registry of licensed attorneys, and she is barred and enjoined from engaging in the practice of law in the State of Arkansas.

It is so ordered.

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